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Are Recreational Edibles For You?

March 21, 2019

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When the work day is done and your responsibilities are taken care of, how do you spend your downtime? Do you fill your time with social activities, or are you more low-key? If you had to choose between a night of dancing or an early morning hike, which one would you pick? Our moods and needs change daily – sometimes we feel like relaxing and other times we’re ready to get up and go!


Our ever-changing daily lives inspired the recipes for 3Leaf’s healthy, natural edibles. We created 3Leaf to meet a variety of needs; we wanted an edible for every occasion. In a previous blog post, we discuss how cannabis-infused edibles can meet your medical, therapeutic, and recreational needs. We looked at the ways in which cannabis can treat inflammatory symptoms of arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome; how it has helped many a patient suffering from nausea during chemotherapy treatments; and, it’s ability to effectively treat seizures associated with epilepsy.


In this post, we want to take a deeper dive into recreational edibles and the ways in which different doses can provide a range of uplifting, elevating, or relaxing effects.


The effects of edibles can last up to eight hours, which make them perfect for a night out on the town. An edible dosed with 5mg of THC, like these Blood Orange Fruit Jellies, provides elevating effects while leaving you clear-headed and energized.


Woman reaches for a low-dose recreational edible. The edible is a fruit jelly that tastes like blood orange.
Low-dose edibles from 3Leaf, the Blood Orange Fruit Jellies.


The reason you’ll enjoy such a clear and energizing experience lies in the pure distillate that each and every 3Leaf edible is infused with. Distillate is a highly concentrated form of cannabis. The cannabis compounds are extracted from the buds and are then further refined. The distillate we source is refined using CO2 supercritical extraction, which creates a solvent-less oil concentrate void of any harmful residues or microbes. And, it produces a concentrate with a high level of purity. This means that you can consume a low-dosed edible and still experience a high-quality and effective experience. An added bonus from our Blood Orange Fruit Jellies: there are four jellies per package, making them perfect for sharing with your friends!


Woman enjoys a recreational edible after a long day. She dips a 3Leaf Coconut Oatmeal Cookie into a latte.
3Leaf’s Coconut Oatmeal Cookie, dosed with 10mg of THC per piece.


Under California cannabis laws, edibles cannot contain more than 10mg of THC per serving. An edible that contains 10mg of THC will provide relaxed, calming sensations. Our Coconut Oatmeal Cookie, pictured above, is the perfect recreational edible to enjoy at the end of a long day. Now, instead of drinking a glass of wine to help us unwind after work, we can eat a delicious cookie that contains heart-healthy oats, sweet shredded coconut and agave nectar, all topped off with a light drizzle of white chocolate. Remember, it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes for an edible to take effect. We recommend waiting at least two hours before consuming more.


Man eating a recreational edible after a hike. This edible is a peanut butter ratio-infused cookie from 3Leaf Edibles.
3Leaf’s ratio-infused Peanut Butter Cookie is perfect after a hike.


If you’re looking for something to add to your Saturday-afternoon hike, we recommend ratio-infused edibles, which contain a mix of THC and CBD. 3Leaf’s Peanut Butter Cookie, being enjoyed above, and our Double Chocolate Cookie each contain 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per piece. The elevating and energizing effects of a low-dose of THC are combined with the calming, therapeutic effects of CBD. What you get is a perfectly balanced experience that will leave you in-tune with your senses and surroundings – perfect for elevating your overall wellness. And, the healing effects of CBD are proven to aid in muscle recovery after strenuous activities – another added bonus!


Whatever your reasons may be for consuming cannabis, knowing the doses and effects will ensure that you have a positive recreational experience. Dosing with THC versus CBD will provide different recreational experiences, and combining the two provides an entirely unique set of benefits. And different doses of THC and CBD will result in a variety of experiences. It’s up to you to discover how edibles best fit into your life. Just be cognizant of the fact that ingesting too high a dose of THC can potentially lead to negative symptoms such as anxiety, paranoia, and nausea. So, it’s always best to start with a low dose, whether consuming THC or CBD, even when it comes to recreational consumption.


For those of you searching for recreational edibles near you, visit any of these fantastic licensed California dispensaries and ask for 3Leaf!



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