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Low-dose edibles will help you accomplish your goals

November 21, 2017

3 min read

Evelyn, aged 68 and the subject of this story, is a competitive horseback rider. At a recent event as she crossed the finish line the thrill of victory washed over her; she knew she had scored well and won the event. As she was going through the movements with focus and a clear head she felt completely in-synch with her horse.  It all came together for Evelyn, the months of practice, the early mornings and all the hard work.


Whether you compete in Dressage like Evelyn, or have other ambitions like getting in shape or achieving a professional goal, we all relish the feelings of accomplishment and success.


Evelyn will tell you that 3Leaf’s low dose edibles were an important part of her achieving peak performance and winning her recent horseback riding event. While she’s won competitions in the past, she says this particular show was the greatest performance of her life because she was able to get out of her head and feel at one with her horse. This cohesiveness and level of connectivity in a performance was something she had never experience before, and she attributes her success to edibles. “They [edibles] enabled me to be totally present and focus on showing well,” says Evelyn. “I didn’t have to worry about being distracted by the environment and pressure of the competition.”


Evelyn began horseback riding when she was eight years old, and has been competing in Dressage since 1995. The sport requires a deep connection and understanding with one’s horse, as the movements are extremely intricate and require tactful precision. Evelyn is also an experienced cannabis user. She incorporates it into her athletic training to help her focus during practice and assist in post-training recovery. Cannabis is used regularly by athletes as it can reduce joint inflammation, relieve muscle aches, and calms nerves.


“I use it to reduce performance anxiety prior to competing,” says Evelyn. “It’s effective and gives me the mental and physical capacity to execute the task at hand.”


Initially, Evelyn was apprehensive about incorporating 3Leaf edibles into her athletic training. After a negative experience in the past with inconsistently dosed edibles, she was content to enjoy 3Leaf recreationally, but was apprehensive about introducing cannabis back into her training regimen.


When she decided to try edibles again, she followed recommendations and started with small amounts. Because the body metabolizes cannabis differently when it’s ingested, it is recommended that both new and experienced users start off eating a small amount of an edible, and slowly increase it to meet personal needs.


“I felt reduced performance anxiety and was significantly more aware of my physical state,” says Evelyn. “I was able to perform in a fluid, relaxed manner.”


For her recent competition she performed so well that her daughter, who also rides competitively, couldn’t help but remark on Evelyn’s performance. She said had never seen her mother so calm, connected and aware.


Evelyn’s performance on the second day of the competition was as strong as the first. The predictability of her cannabis experience reduced her performance anxiety even further, which allowed Evelyn to focus solely on performing to the best of her abilities.


Evelyn feels that the consistent low-dose of the 3leaf edible allowed her to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without having to worry about any negative side effects. She says was able to relax her mind and body, and completely connect with her horse. Her clear focus and determination lead to what she calls a once-in-a-lifetime performance.


Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed hearing about Evelyn’s experience. 3Leaf edibles are now available through dispensaries and delivery platforms in California. Click here to find one near you, and enjoy feeling enabled by cannabis.