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How to dose THC infused edibles (featuring This Cannabis Life)

February 5, 2018

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Cannabis Edibles Dosage

Edibles can be important in helping you manage your overall wellness. Incorporating the right edible products that provide the proper dosage of THC, with no residual effects and simply taste great, can be immensely effective. They can help you manage pain, fall asleep at night, and generally make dealing with the regular stresses of life easier to overcome.


While cannabis is very safe, ingesting too much THC can cause discomfort. So, we suggest you start low and go slow.


Morgan English is a cannabis expert and founder of This Cannabis Life; she understands the challenge of dosing edibles.


“For me, edibles have been really tricky because I worry. As soon as I eat an edible I think it is going to hit me too hard… with 3Leaf each one is individually dosed at 10mg per serving which is wonderful. I can just eat it. Normally I feel it after 30 minutes. I don’t need to smoke and it gives me the same effects.”


Watch the clip below and let Morgan be your guide to edibles dosage.